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Thoughts about Nascar Sprint Cup Races, Drivers and Teams

What Does Everyone Have Against Hockey?

We’re in the middle of the first NHL Playoffs since 2004 and there seems to be a common theme. No it’s not Ilja Bryzgalov shut-outs (although those seem to be happening quite often), it’s NHL bashing. It’s no surprise that the NHL is not as popular as the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, or [...]

Introduction to Futures

Introduction to Futures You may or may not have already learned that future bets are wagers placed far in advance of a sporting event after reading our Overview of Sports Gambling Bet Types. The basics are all there, so the purpose of this article is to explain why futures offer such strong value and give [...]

Reality Sports

START I do not understand where the UIGEA came from. I get that it is supposed to curb illegal youth gaming (because World of Warcraft is so much better for a 17 year old than poker is.) I get that it is supposed to curb money laundering (because there is obviously nothing illegal going on [...]

It’s not About the Money. It’s About the Credibility Fabric

Maybe money isnâ??t the root of all evil.  But breaking the credibility fabric is certainly a source of much evil (even though it doesnâ??t sound nearly as dramatic.).

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