Racing Men Of Nascar

Thoughts about Nascar Sprint Cup Races, Drivers and Teams

Topic Models Applied to Online News and Reviews

Google Tech Talk August 11, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Alice Oh. Probabilistic topic models are useful for uncovering the underlying semantic structure of a collection of documents. We take a simple and widely used topic model, the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA, Blei et al. 2003) and extend it in two ways. First, we construct topic [...]

KONE Traction Elevator @ Infineon Raceway Califronia (Sears Point)

These are traction thiugh it serves inly 3 floors

Schindler Elevator Fun!

Since there aren’t that many Schindlers around here, I decided to have the fun of it!

Chef Clint Johnson for Oh’ Phoebe’s

Chef Clint Johnson preparing a 1000 lbs. of smoked meats for the holiday season at his Smyrna, DE deli, Oh’ Phoebe’s.

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