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Elizabeth Taylor – Simply Stunning – by Richard Bassett

I will never stop dedicating these videos to Dame Elizabeth Taylor. I shall never stop thanking her for being a constant inspiration in my own life. I will never stop loving her or paying homage to the work that I am trained to do. I am an HIV Educator and her work has superseded anyone [...]

One Of The Biggest Crashes In NASCAR History

A crash that blocks the track and results in a red flag.

Elizabeth Taylor – A Few Words 14 – by Richard Bassett

Some clips may seem to overlap and start and stop in mid-sentence. Please be patient with this process as it is the way such multi-clips can be posted on YouTube. To get the full stories, please watch previous posts for additional information. Thank you I have included some memorable interview clips with Dame Elizabeth Taylor [...]

For all of you that has continued to support me!!!

Yes, this is whayt was suppost to be the Holiday Inn 400

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